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Navigating a cancer diagnosis is one thing.  Navigating the diagnosis while seeking employment or contemplating a career change is altogether different.  Cancer and Careers is a non profit organization whose primary focus is to empower and educate people with cancer to thrive in their workplace, by providing advice, interactive tools and educational events.

The organization hosts a webinar series around a myriad of topics, including the one that follows surrounding job searches.

Looking for a new position during or after cancer treatment can seem daunting, but it’s more than possible. This webinar aides in providing tips on creating an effective resume, sharpening your interviewing skills (and dealing with questions on resume gaps) and more.

This is the third of 10 sessions in our Balancing Work & Cancer Webinar series. Click here to learn more about the other sessions and register!

Presented by Julie Jansen, Speaker, Trainer and Author

Please note that the information in this video is current as of the date of the presentation, March 14, 2018. Also, in order to receive CEUs, you must attend a live webinar presentation. Video recordings are not accredited.

For more on CEUs and accreditation, click here

To learn more about our Balancing Work & Cancer Webinar Series or to register for upcoming live webinars, click here


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A public speaker since 1991, Tina Spears has led a life of service as a Sunday School Teacher, Christian Bible Training Instructor, conducted standup presentations for staff, associates and member institutions for as many as 700 people. An engaging orator, author, and encouraging speaker, Tina's ultimate purpose is for others to realize their richest potential is housed within the confines of their original design. Professionally, Tina has over 30 years of experience as an HR professional Administrator, Executive Secretary, Office Manager, Account Executive and Chief of Operations. Those decades of experience afforded Tina the opportunity to speak one-on-one and candidly with peer administrators; coaching and developing their skill set in areas of organization, project and time management, office administration and functionality, negotiation skills, keeping the customer first, dealing with difficulties (people, places and things) and understanding their purpose. Tina has strong oral and written communication skills; stand up presentation abilities as well as established design, development, analysis, and evaluative skills. During stand up presentations, Tina uses personal experiences as examples of how she overcame obstacles, handled situations and offers recommendations, based on the experience of her audience, to improve on the participants’ ability to take the lessons and apply the truth of it to their particular situation. Topics that Tina covers surrounds areas of 1-Taking on Leadership, 2-Taking Charge of Office Technology, 3-Verbal Communication Skills, 4-Problem Solving, 5-Time and Project Management, 6-Organization Skills, 7-Relationship Building with the Boss, 8-Dealing with Difficult People, and 9-Negotiation Skills.


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