What you don’t see behind this light beat and bright smile is the face of the woman diagnosed with Stage One HER2+ Breast Cancer on February 1, 2017.  Can you tell this same woman had major surgery on April 4th and began chemotherapy treatments on May 11th, 2017?

I am humbled to report that on September 21, 2017, after 15 rounds of some of the harshest chemicals known to man, I finalized chemotherapy.  Immediately after I began radiation treatments 25 rounds over 5 weeks.  Though still on adjuvant treatment, I was relieved of the porta-cath that was surgically inserted on October 10, 2018.  With the help of the Lord, I yet have a way to go, but I promise you the road ahead doesn’t compare to how far I’ve come.

With tears of victory, I shout: To God be the Glory for the marvelous things He has done!!

This is and was THE hardest part of my Christian journey and a test of faith, and endurance like I never would have imagined.  There were tears of pain and sleepless nights because I wasn’t myself and I didn’t feel well a lot of the time and boy, was I tired more than I’d ever been before.

I remember wanting to “be back to myself, ” but I quickly came to understand that there is no possible way to go back to an old version of me because I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

It is with 100% assurance, Jesus Christ; My Savior, My Rock,  My Mainstay, My Friend, My Confidante, My Company-Keeper, My Midnight Rider, My Hope, My Strength, My Faith, My Health and overall, My Healer, has kept and sustained me throughout this journey.

It is impossible to prepare and condition for a fight when engaged in the middle of one. A good soldier has prepared their arsenal and is readily equipped with their weapons of warfare before the battle ensues, so when combatted by the enemy, the soldier is more than prepared.

The best part of this kind of fight is that a soldier of the Cross is more than an overcomer and more than a conqueror because it’s not a fair battle to begin with – the fight is fixed because foot soldiers of the Cross have already won!!

God endeavors that He get out of our lives everything that will lead us toward our destiny.  Because He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent then yes, He even planned for hardships to become a part of our journey.  Why? Because He could trust us with it.

I sat with that for a minute and thought – God believed the God in me with this diagnosis.  Yes, because He knew that I would not waver, I would not lose my mind, I would not worry because I do not have a lifestyle of being half-hearted…He knows it’s a yield of all; withholding nothing.  God knew that throughout this journey I would be challenged to do what I could physically do; which was make the appointments, show up for the tests, submit to the treatments, and rely on Him to do the rest.  I decided not bank on medicine to heal because of my Balm in Gilead, who is orchestrating everything behind and in front of the scenes.

My Triune God and I have long been battle buddies, and I am only able to continue to walk out this chapter because of the fortification that has been purposed throughout my life. You see…

This test was designed to produce a testimony, and not just for me, but to bear witness to others of the supreme God of Worth I serve.  As created beings and long before we were a twinkle in our parents’ eye, God knew who we would be and what we would become and yes, the challenges we would face.

The difference in how we handle adversity is based on our relationship with the Most High God through His Son Jesus Christ.  While we are all his creation, sadly, we are not all His children yet, His Grace and Mercy is extended to all and is offered as a welcomed gift to get to know Him personally.

When it comes to health challenges, it is understandable as flesh beings to be concerned and maybe even worried when hearing a bad report or daunting news which causes you to believe your life down here is over.

Christians, however, are hemmed in on all sides through Jesus Christ and the same news should produce a resolve and assertion that absolutely NOTHING is too hard for our God.  In other words, your insides should not move!

Declare and Decree

I will remain confident in this

I will see the goodness of the Lord

in the Land of the living

Scripture records in Mark 9 that one of the multitude brought his son to Jesus as he possessed a dumb spirit and was found foaming at the mouth and gnashing of his teeth.  The Disciples could in no wise cast this spirit out of the child, and all were immediately rebuked by Jesus as he said “O faithless generation, how long shall I be with you how long shall I suffer you?…”

The words He spoke next are those that I anchor my testimony “…bring him unto me.”

In a time when no one else can help the only answer which should be the first solution is to cry out to the Lord; seek the face of Jesus and draw nigh unto Him.

The Word of God gives us many receipts for the curing of everything that ails us.  Sickness will happen, lack will occur, however, our fervent prayers will attack the symptoms and prevail because of the source.

Hear the voice of the Lord in this message: “Bring him unto me.” This is the only salve needed when the earthly physician’s words are heard, for it is only the Great Physician who ultimately heals.

The Lord often suffers us to be driven into places so dim and dark that no escape can seemingly be found.  I believe He does this so that we may know, with absolute certainty and by first-hand experience, how necessary He truly is.

This is what spiritual maturity looks like.  Now I hear people say that we all grow at different rates and while that may be true, to a Christian; someone sold out and who understands the Power of God, there is never need to doubt or waver in their spirit.

It is not a cliché to say, believe and understand that by declaring and decreeing…

  • God gave us authority to speak to & pull on Him for what we need
  • We can do all things through Christ
  • There is nothing too hard for God
  • The Lord will never fail us
  • Open up your mouth, lift up your voice and cry out to Jesus
  • Plead the Blood of Jesus against every demonic force
  • That is seeking to destroy and work against you

The enemy of our soul wants to eject us from the Glory of God and His goodness and cause us to be separated from the Lord’s favor.  He does not want us to experience the complete blessing that the Lord has for us, especially through hard times.

There is so much that God desires to give us but we have to stay the course; that being, taking whatever is in our lane – loss, lack, illness, hardships – whatever it is, and remembering to be assured that in times of weakness we can flee to the strong for strength!

Contend for the faith Saints, and come to know the true nature of God by paying the price to follow Him.

Forever Faithful…


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A public speaker since 1991, Tina Spears has led a life of service as a Sunday School Teacher, Christian Bible Training Instructor, conducted standup presentations for staff, associates and member institutions for as many as 700 people. An engaging orator, author, and encouraging speaker, Tina's ultimate purpose is for others to realize their richest potential is housed within the confines of their original design. Professionally, Tina has over 30 years of experience as an HR professional Administrator, Executive Secretary, Office Manager, Account Executive and Chief of Operations. Those decades of experience afforded Tina the opportunity to speak one-on-one and candidly with peer administrators; coaching and developing their skill set in areas of organization, project and time management, office administration and functionality, negotiation skills, keeping the customer first, dealing with difficulties (people, places and things) and understanding their purpose. Tina has strong oral and written communication skills; stand up presentation abilities as well as established design, development, analysis, and evaluative skills. During stand up presentations, Tina uses personal experiences as examples of how she overcame obstacles, handled situations and offers recommendations, based on the experience of her audience, to improve on the participants’ ability to take the lessons and apply the truth of it to their particular situation. Topics that Tina covers surrounds areas of 1-Taking on Leadership, 2-Taking Charge of Office Technology, 3-Verbal Communication Skills, 4-Problem Solving, 5-Time and Project Management, 6-Organization Skills, 7-Relationship Building with the Boss, 8-Dealing with Difficult People, and 9-Negotiation Skills.


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